Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bird with chemistry

so you've been noticing i've got a dictionary i've been pulling pages out of to create some postcards from home, right? i found this one page i thought the daughter might like - with the chemical elements. it has sortofa graphic appeal to me. And then i got something in the mail - i can't even remember what it was - that had this sweet little bird on it. for some reason i decided they'd look good together. i slapped that dictionary page down, then trimmed that bird from the page he was on and added him on top of that page. I took a little tim holtz distress ink in linen, then tea dye, and finished the whole thing off with some ultra-thick embossing powder - then cracked it. i'm rather pleased with the outcome.
i ended up mounting the whole thing on a card base - that UTE powder - well it kinda warps a bit - at least for me :-)
so i figured it was safer to send to my daughter as a card in an envelope - than to hope it would go thru the postal service as a postcard.
that's all for today. i've got something fun to post - at least i think so - but i've gotta wait til it's reached its destination :-) - don't wanna spoil the suprise.


Babsarella said...

YAY! Another fun card. I love all the distressing on this one. I hear ya on the warping. I find that happens on some stuff too and it really annoys me. That birdy is cute.

Will said...

I've been super happy to see you back to posting and enjoying your art, just realizing that I should say, "Hi! Friend so glad to see you again." Candy corn wishes to you!

June Houck said...

This is beautiful, Tracy! Wish I could have seen it IRL. Let me know what Eliz says about it!

lauren said...


holy macaroni, this is BRILLIANT, missus! if that girl of yours does not FRAME THIS i shall be applyin' for the post of "adopted child" immediately!!! ;)