Monday, September 21, 2009

Postcards from Home Returns

I mentioned previously I'd started sending my daughter postcards. I'd sent my son postcards randomly over say the last 2 yrs he was at college. I thought she might enjoy the same thing. I, of course, enjoy doing it. The postcards aren't works of art. They are more "playtime": whatever i feel like doing at the time - stamps i feel like stamping, pencils i want to draw/color with etc... i have a little canvas and i can fill it with whatever suits my fancy at that given moment in time.

Daughter is at art school - she understands the need for stretching one's creative wings. She also appreciates my love of making things. And i think she knows these postcards serve 2 purposes (at least) - I get to make things + i get to send her my love. (i certainly email all the time but there is nothing like getting real mail at college!)

So, without further ta-doo... I am posting a few postcards I've already sent. Believe it or not, I've actually got a small stack I've made and haven't mailed yet. (i'm ahead of the game... who knew!)

Oh -I think i mentioned before - but if i didn't - I mailed the first postcard with a hole punch and one of those metal rings - so she could punch the postcards as they arrive - they'll all be together and she can save them that way.

You've noticed I'm doing a little gluing on these postcards (dictionary pages, things i find in the mail, tags from the dry cleaner.... as well as stamping, embossing; using ink, watercolor crayons, stamps, prismacolor pencils... yeah... everything goes this time). Have a wonderful day!


June Houck said...

Love this mini works of art...we save Geico mail too. Kathryn loves the Geico gecko :)

Sue McGettigan said...

Wow Tracy, those cards are just TOO wonderful, i know Eliz will LOVE them! There's nothing more fun than finding love in your mailbox.

Glad you're having fun with glue, stamps and colors again chica!

Babsarella said...

Love love love this great idea. Especially sending the first one with ring to keep them on. I can only imagine how exciting it must be for her to receive such great mail. I be all her friends are jealous!! These are truly terrific and I certainly hope you will be posting more.

lauren said...

well, obviously i ♥LOOOOVE♥ these! i do have ONE small bone to pick with this post tho: whaddaya mean "not works of art"??!?!???!!!!!!!! wrong. soSOsoooo wrong!!! ♥♥♥