Thursday, September 20, 2007

one thing leads to another

remember that song?
i heard it on the radio last night as I was driving home from the Back to School nite at my daughter's high school. Normally, my husband and I are able to work out driving together but not this year. Not fun - the school is 45 minutes (if the roads are absolutely clear and moving)to an hour from the Burg so all that driving alone isn't so fun - i'm not a big night-driving fan either. Anyway, I left around 5:50 which should have put me at the school around 7 with regular traffic. If you are familiar with "the Beltway" - the infamous road in these here parts which encompasses the DC, Maryland, Virginia areas - you know the traffic is wicked. And it didn't disappoint last nite. I arrived in the vicinity of the school at around 7:05
This Back to School nite is also extremely well attended. You have never seen a BTSN at a high school like this - it is akin to an elementary school BTSN - and around here that means everyone goes. Actually it must thrill the teachers - they have to be there so it's nice if someone shows up. My son went to a different high school and the comparison between the BTSN's is staggering.
You'll note I said I arrived at the vicinity of the school around 7:05 - there is no parking left at the school on BTSN - or at the two satellite parking areas (an elementary and a church - for which they provide buses to drive you back & forth) by 6pm. The actual BTSN starts at 7:10. We don't even bother to try parking at those 3 locations now that it's our 3rd year. We just go further down the road to the Home Depot and park there LOL! Imagine me - pulling into the parking space next to my husband (who never arrives to these things on time) and calling him on his cell to let him know i'm running up the road to meet him. In the crowds it's hard to find someone unless you've: a) decided a predetermined spot or b). carried your cell and talk until you find one another!
I'm telling you it's a crazy event!
We did the schedule (visiting all the classes) after having bought our school directory, paid for the PSAT test. (We had to ditch Homeroom as I was still walking up the street at that point.) Then hit the Starbucks and headed home. Which brings me back to that song - one thing leads to another. By the time I'd heard that song, almost got ran off the road by an 18-wheeler on the beltway, and got a few sips of my coffee that finally cooled off - i was ready to listen to some classical music. Calming but not sleep inducing. We got home around 10:30.
Above are yesterday and today's postcards to my son. Nothing great but I've got some nice ones coming up for next week.


Sue McGettigan said...

I'm starin' down the barrel of two back to school nights in the next week - I feel your pain!! It's great to see their teachers though, and get an idea of what their day looks like :)

June Houck said...

I like the different color backgrounds of your postcards, and I am looking forward to next week's batch :)
We had BTSN last night, only we did not travel very far...we left at 6:20 because everybody goes at the elementary level (it started at 7). We arrived at 6:30 and found a pretty good spot, and we were home at 9:05. I can't even imagine teaching kindergarten!

Babsarella said...

WHOA, sounds crazy!!! We went to BTSN a few weeks ago. The interesting thing they do at Miss B's school is to only have 1 grade at a time. So glad we don't have to travel as far as you. Got lucky to have the HS almost in my backyard (it is actually in the backyard of the people across from us). Hope all is well with Miss E and she is enjoying all the great things school has to offer!