Wednesday, September 19, 2007

happy birthday sweet boy

today is my brother's birthday. if he was still around he'd have been 29 again LOL (if you're listening in R - tough - i'm telling - he'd be 55)
here's a favorite photo of my brother as a little boy. he was so cute - and a very handsome man. And i will miss him til the day i see him again.


June Houck said...

That is a precious photo. I can see why it is a favorite. I'll bet he's smiling down at you for wishing him birthday wishes :)

Babsarella said...

Sending you hugs. I know this must be a hard day for you.

Jean said...

Dear Tracy: I will treaure this photo of your dear brother forever. thank you for sharing it.



Sue McGettigan said...

Oh sweet - he looks a lot like one of my brothers. Don't you love those old pics, that sweater looks so cuddly :) I'm sure his spirit visits you on days like this T.