Saturday, November 01, 2014

Keep You in My Heart

Here's a card I made for my son who is off on a new adventure in a far off state. It's pretty exciting really. But I'm not gonna lie - I'm going to miss this child.
When they hand you these little creatures in the hospital it is quite astounding - the instant love you feel. Something quite unbelieveable. Like nothing you've ever felt before. And then all through the years you run through a series of emotions. But this one - the feeling of excitement for him and sadness that I won't see him every day, listening to his crazy stories, feeling his strength and kindness through some pretty tough times, laughing so hard with him I'd cry... oh I could go on and on... this has been one for the books for me. 
I'm happy & sad all at the same time - crazy. 
But I'm truly excited to see what's next for him - and hey - for us too. 
Hope you're having a great day. Happy November!

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Anonymous said...

No matter how far from the nest they fly, they are still OURS to want the best that Life can offer.
How do we give them "roots & wings"? With all the Love we have for them, that's how!
Best wishes to you, and look forward to all the homecomings down the road. <3

Little Mabel