Saturday, February 18, 2012

I turned my back for just a second

well first - don't the colors just make you think spring?
That's what I thought at least.. I was in a store looking at some new kitchen towels and I saw this and thought - how springy! And considering my bulbs are shooting up and - horrors - I'm beginning to see flowers forming... remember it's February and this shouldn't be happening and of course we're being promised a little snow tomorrow......sigh...
Regardless, some days are cold but others are decidedly not - and I'm thinking spring is just around the corner (if only in my mind).

So this patterned piece is, in reality
a countertop drying mat. I buy coordinating towels (in a solid color) and also pick up this mat. I always am using my towels on the countertop to dry the various and sundry things that don't go into the dishwasher so I figure this will be quite handy instead of said towels. It's a nice thick mat but folds easily and I'm thinking I'll be happily drying this and that over the coming months and feeling quite springy 'round my kitchen.
I get home and put it on my counter. Then I wash a few of the cat bowls and put them on top of the mat as well as the coffee maker filter holder (is that what you call that thang?) and go about the rest of my afternoon.

What do I find when I go back to this spot later in the day?
Apparently, my little Westley finds it a great spot for surveying all that is his LOL!
I immediately think - yegods.... now there is cat hair all over this mat I was drying dishes on. And then I just started to laugh my head off. Westley goes where he wants (usually in close proximity to where I am ;-)) and is so darned cute I could not be mad. I did remove him but won't be surprised to find him back there again.
Hope you're having a good day!

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