Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Paper Cookies

okay so it's an illustration of a cookie. A gingerbread man to be exact. I did two of these for some special friends - it's a little recipe card (around 5x7 so I guess it's not so little).
I used a Pitt Pen for all the lettering and the outlining. And prismacolors to color things in.

And I did one slightly different for Geri (of Geri's Gingerbread fame.... my sister). It's frosted ;-)  The background didn't scan well - it's a light green just for the record.   I'll post some non-Christmas related items soon.....           


Babsarella said...

Gaaaah...I've been meaning to ask you if you did all this yourself. I just dawned on me the other day and meant to email you to ask. It is AMAZING!!! You are so incredibly talented. You really should do a recipe book like this. It would be stunning. BTW, I used the beautiful card holder you made me last year to hold all our holiday cards and it was just perfect!! Had just the perfect place to hang it too. *hugs*

Tracy said...

oh i am so happy you used your card holder! did i ever tell you i bought all the stuff to make one for me and my sister after i was so pleased with myself making yours - uh... the fabric etc is still waiting to be transformed... hopefully starting the 3rd week of the month i'll get on all those projects i've been saving! glad you liked your gingerbread boy ;-)