Monday, January 02, 2012

I baked

a lot - did you? I did a round of cookies for home and another round for our 2nd Christmas celebration with my husbands family. Here's a pic before I closed the box on the sugar cookies. Of course I had to decorate them. It wouldn't be Christmas without painted sugar cookies. If you look closely you can see a snowman peeking out from underneath a layer of trees and stars. When my kids were little they'd help me decorate them but nowadays I get to paint them all by myself. I love using the gold dust (and lemon extract) to paint the stars. Back oh say maybe 20 years ago that gold dust was hard to find locally. We didn't have such things when I was a kid but we did have food coloring. My mom would sit us down at a table filled with cookies, gave us painbrushes and we'd go to town painting away!
Hope you're enjoying 2012 so far while i recap the end of my 2011.

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