Thursday, August 30, 2007

Postcard #9 when pigs fly!; wiki and sonspeak

fortunately my son is not the kind who'll freak out that this postcard is pink. just in case you're thinkin the opposite.

i got an email from the son early this morning. as i've mentioned on numerous occasions he's not a big sleeper. so it was an email from around 230 am this morning. he's letting me know how things are going. apparently its hot (yeah... its hot 4 hours up the road too!) and his classes are already ridiculous. In his language - sonspeak -ridiculous is a synonym for awesome. And working on his car - he uses the term - extreming. He also uses extreming to convey his working on some computer program or another. You gotta know the sonspeak to get through a conversation. He was also relaying some information about what he was studying this semester - jabbering on about artificial intelligence and neural nets. I told him I knew what Aqua Net is but I wasn't so sure about a neural net. I decided to Wiki that neural net thing and then just for fun - Aqua Net. It really says something about who is writing those articles on Wiki if there is no mention of Aqua Net don't you think? and if you're reading this and you don't know what Aqua Net is well then i guess you're younger than me!
and for the record i cannot stand any hairspray. when i get my hair cut Michael, my hair guy, always makes an attempt to spray my hair. i prefer it au naturelle. i think it goes back to my childhood when Aqua Net was practically a requirement (when Mom's had hard hair). I just cannot stand the stuff on my hair.


June Houck said...

Cool. Flying pigs. Very cool.

Aqua Net. Brings back memories of hair that would not move until washed. Hard coating. Lovely fragrance (major sarcasm on the smell...barely a fragrance; more like an odor!) I rarely use hair spray. If I do, I go with White Rain. A nice, subtle fragrance, and it leaves my hair feeling soft. JMTC

Will said...

I'm for naming one of the holes in the ozone, "Aqua net". You can't miss the smell as it looms in a 10 ft. circumference of the who's still "holding" on to it.

Sue McGettigan said...

ROFL - Aqua Net conjures up images of Helmet Heads and Beauty Queens for me. When I arrived in the USA I had no clue what 'Aqua Net' was, took a while for me to catch on - it's a cultural phenomenon! (good for fixing chalks on paper projects too :)

Babsarella said...

Oh yes...this is one of my favs!!! Piggies are da bomb, and my little miss B (the 4 legged one) reminds me of a little piggie sometimes. Yes, sadly I do remember Aqua Net..I am pretty sure Mom used that, still may too. One thing for sure...that hair would not be goin anywhere...hurricane or no hurricane!!

Jean said...

Your son sounds really smart!!!

I can't remember if my mother wore hair spray, but I would cross that rickety bridge in Raiders of the Lost Ark in about a second

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I can smell the aqua net just looking at your picture. I sooo remember this. Every combful of hair had to be sprayed, teased, sprayed, lightly combed into place and then another combed piece. I'm surprised any of us can still use our lungs after inhaling that sticky smelly stuff. must be why so many of my age group has more free style hair. How much did those cans hold anyway. I might have to ask my mom how many cans a week she went through....what a memory.

Lisa Renéa said...

ahaha! when pigs fly! love it!
Tracy..these postcards are fabulous!
I certianly remember Aquanet, but my mom used Final Net. You can imagine with 4 sisters- we should of owned stock in the company-lol

michelle cook infantino said...

i just love your pigs!