Friday, August 31, 2007

postcard #10 cuppa Joe?

i was enabled to buy this cute coffee cup stamp by my dear friend Annie. she sent me a card - maybe 2 years ago? - using it. I just fell in love with that little pik-me-up cup - i love my coffee! (she said as she sipped some)
so i pulled this stamp out when i was making this pile of postcards. i stamped it and thought ok what am i gonna do now? took a marker and marked in a tabletop - which is ridiculously out of perspective (but i told myself - for this project - no do -overs - or i'll never be able to keep up with a postcard a day, right?). I started stampin the words and thought ok - i can stamp "cuppa joe" and then realized... nope. i gotta make it joe and add the seph.
cos his name is Joseph (natch... )
from the time he was born, he's been Joseph to me. He is actually the fourth one and he has the appropriate roman numeral next to his name.
but i cannot, for the life of me, call him Joe.
that's his Dad. Or his grandad. Or great grandad.
teachers tried calling him Joey and Joe early on. While i still could, I would correct them.
No - it's Joseph.
Even when the time came and his friends started calling him Joe - i'd cringe but of course there wasn't anything that could be done.
But he'll always be Joseph to me.
And even though those friends, girlfriends, and even my mother - call him Joe - he doesn't seem to mind that we (his Dad, his sister and myself) call him Joseph.
Have a good Friday everybody!


June Houck said...

You are so clever! And he is going to get a chuckle out of it too...I did!

Sue McGettigan said...

I so GET that, being a 'Susie' to my family but Sue or Susan to most everyone else. Your Joseph must be loving these cards, I think it's such a wonderful act of love!

Lisa Renéa said...

Too sweet!

Joan Y said...

As someone who was named after a Joseph, I can totally relate. My brother's best friend was Joseph, and he tried to convince my parents to name me Joe. They compromised and hence my name. Nevermind i grew up being called Jo anyway.

Babsarella said...

Awe...cute card and love the play on clever...but then I would expect NOTHING less!!! I know whatcha mean...Relatives still call me Barbie (I cringe), but that is just who I am to them...