Wednesday, March 22, 2006

you know you're distracted when...

your daughter says to you,
"Mom, why is there a towel in the dishwasher?"
this happened last nite.
I had a day off yesterday.
got my hair cut and hilighted (i was lookin like a skunk in reverse again so it was tiiiiime)
doing this
and the other thing.
and apparently i left a towel in the dishwasher.
(to dry off shtuff as i take it out. Does your dishwasher leave you with pools of water in the tops of the cups? someone should seriously work on the re-design of the top rack -youknowwhati'mtalkinabout?)
i didn't think it was such a big shmeel
but apparently it amused those living in my household.
i'm getting a bit of a ditz reputation.

hey this is like some kinda record. i've posted everyday this week.
and countem'
twice today.
now go back to what you were doin

1 comment:

Babsarella said...

Nope. First I gotta leave a comment! Yep, I can relate to that water thing on glasses from the top rack. I think the reason the designers leave it this way is so we know whether the dishes are clean or dirty! I can also relate to leaving a towel in there. I almost put a bag of spinach in a kitchen tool drawer tonight! I think we just have too much important stuff in our brains, so trival stuff (like kitchen towels and spinach) get pushed out. (well that's my story and I'm stickin with it).