Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Concierge does it and you can too!

i was reading Heidi Swapp's blog this morning and saw her video demonstrating her rub-ons. If you want a little chuckle please take a look at it:
scroll down to where it says "here it is!! so excited!"
she's got a link there.
It really is quite a bit of marketing genius. It would be a faboo commercial. Seriously.
If you're not hip to the history on these rub-ons - well i'll clue you in. They got some bad press that i know of -on a particular well-known scrapbooking site (which shall remain nameless...ahem).
Totally unfounded i might add.
I have the aforementioned rub-ons. And i used them over this past weekend. They worked just fine - i didn't need a video either.
But hey.. that's me.
I am rub-on inclined.
Perhaps others are not so gifted. (these are the jokes people.)
Regardless these rub-ons are a fine.. nay.... a WONDERFUL product.
However since they got a bad rap or rub as the case may be i am sure HS felt the need to do a little PR? whatever. Personally i would love to see more creations ( she's something else that one - what a creative mind she has!!!!) than her spending her time trying to redeem a perfectly wonderful product.
But in true HS form - she creates this hilarious little video.
A 12 year old can use them; a grown woman and a grown man can use them. Heck ...
even the Concierge can do it.
Some might say they all had instruction from HS. so of course they could do it.
I say.. oh who cares.
go back to what you were doing now....

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