Sunday, January 22, 2006

So you see why i hate resolutions

i can't seem to keep to 'em.
i have been drawing more - so that's good. I've been drawing almost everyday even if its a doodle. doodles count in my book.
Great things come can come from doodles (great thighs from cheese doodles - great ideas from other doodles)
anyway things continue to be busy. work (taught 2 classes in the past 2 weeks); dd has kept us hopping with her rehearsal schedule for her play at school. Thankfully that's over til the next play appears on the horizon. We went to the play on thursday night. "Much Ado About Nothing" - one of Shakespeare's plays i was not familiar with - never having seen it performed. It was quite amusing, our daughter was wonderful (natch) and the rest of the cast was quite wonderful. What a wonderful bunch of kids she has met at that school.
anyway, other than doodling and work obligations - not much creating going on here. Its in the brain but not making it to paper - other than notes and doodles. and for now i have to be content with that. Too much time talking about what isn't being done.
What is getting done? Ah well bathroom cleaning seems to be never-ending (4 bathrooms will do that) as is cooking and laundry (the bane of my existence - fortunately the husband seems to love doing laundry - or just puts on a good act for me.... and what more could one ask? he does it once a week and i do it once a week - apparently we make a lot of dirty clothes). This afternoon i'm baking. Do we need cookies? absolutely.
Sometimes creating doesn't have to be with a pencil, brush, stamp or whathaveyou. Sometimes, in my mind at least, creating means making something. Any thing. And today, for part of the day, my creating will take the form of oatmeal and chocolate chips.
And whilst i'm scooping out dough, wonderful ideas will swirl in my head and then into my sketchbook (in between batches). So what if the sketchbook gets some traces of dough on it, right?

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