Friday, December 30, 2005


i really hate resolutions - new years and other kinds i spose but its that time of year and i've neglected this blog for way too long. So i'm resolving to post more often in the new year. the last few months have been filled with not-so-fun stuff. I guess that's an excuse - certainly a rationalization but also true. Things are calmer at the moment. I'm starting to feel a bit like my old self. The craziness of the holidays is almost over (although we venture out of town to do the husbin's family christmas and if that ain't crazy - nothing is... more on that in a second). My kids and husbin are home. My mom is visiting my sister. I have new music and books to listen to and read. Life's feelin good at the moment. I'm a little chubbier -thanks to my own baking skills :-) - but i think even that's surmountable in due time.
Tomorrow we leave for the husbin's family christmas - i guess about a 3 hour drive to Delaware where all his siblings will descend upon the main family home (as opposed to the beach house which will house some overniters - we however are staying in a local motel). This event makes me cringe every year - its all very nice - all friendly happy faces - its just the sheer numbers that get to me i guess - and my feelings of claustrophobia :-) Approximately 30 family members will attend this years event. And there is no escape. There are people every where. For me this is difficult. Some people who know me think I am an outgoing personality - I am certainly "on" at work - but for those who truly know the real me - I am a shy girl at heart. I am most content in a quiet environment - listening to music, reading a book, watching an old movie. Drawing in my sketchbook - making things. Being in my own little world. I like quiet. I enjoy being alone. I will however be there and try my best not to freak out. I could send my cookies and meatballs (both requested items) and stay at home. But the husbin would not be very happy about that. My participation is important to him - he knows it is very hard for me but he really doesnt ask much - so i will suck it up and go. I will report back later - perhaps with photos of the insanity. I am always armed with my camera and the pics of the gift exchange alone are amusing (a literal sea of people watching a particular giftee open their present)
Our gifts are wrapped (courtesy of the husbin) and my gift tags are adorning them (courtesy of my quickutz - i love it and my dies lord help me - its an addiction). I've packed up the cookies (which i painted with edible gold dust and vegetable coloring - i've painted cookies as long as i can remember - its not Christmas if I don't paint my sugar cookies). I need to pack some clothes but i'll do that in the morning along along with a new book and my sketchbook and my rapidograph. maybe the new issue of CK i haven't had much time to look at and we'll off. We'll be back on Saturday early afternoon, in time to ring in the new year from the burg. Oh and we will be taking a sidetrip to Ikea on the way back. Lookin forward to that.
so... resolved to writing and posting more.
My other 2 resolutions: draw and scrap more. Drawing is number 1 however. always has been and always will be.

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