Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cards Aplenty - Cards Galore

i've been working on some Easter cards for family members. I try to send cards for occasions - my brother was a huge card sender. He NEVER missed a holiday, birthday or anniversary. He should have had stock in Hallmark. Me - i like to make cards. And while i often have good intentions i often miss an occasion (this year these recipients did not receive Valentines for instance). I never miss their birthdays but a holiday here and there - well - they understand. Last year i managed St. Patrick's Day cards. This year it's Easter. If only i could just MAKE the silly cards without obsessing about them. But its a character flaw - i understand this. I'm workin on it! There is a favorite customer who comes into the store where i work and she is a mad cardmaker. The woman not only has a fabulous personality (Mary simply rocks) she is organized and makes cardsaplenty - cardsgalore. She sees an idea and she makes it - she makes multiples of the same card. A great idea right? She has a card file where she keeps the initial card and then duplicates of the card - with envelopes - all ready to go when she needs it. It is such a fabulous idea. I want to do this as well i just have to get over my obsession with the idea that i have to make the card for the individual. I know recipients of my cards appreciate and actually notice i have made the card with them in mind. (they notice i incorporate their favorite color for example). But making cards like this can make you a bit mento.
So while making my Easter cards (you knew i was getting back there didn't you?) i said to myself - Tracy - you can make the same card. It's ok. I had an inner battle with myself but i did fairly well (insert insane smile here) If you look below the card with the easter eggs in blue - i made that same card with lavender eggs and coral colored eggs. The basket card with hidden eggs - well that one i made specially for my young nephews. But my favorite is the basket card with the blue polka dot/green background.
All the cards were made using Quickutz
more on that later....


Christa H. said...

Now you know how much I enjoy your cards!! My last one was a cool pink-polka dot one w/ a tag cute Tracy!! Now you know I am not a card maker but...I have a Genesis cutter on the way (she called yesterday) and Helen has now said she wants to do cards so looks like I will need to but some QK!! Akkk...and it is all your fault for making such cute ones.....we both admire them!!

Debby said...

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