Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Happy Birthday to my little sister

 It's her birthday today and of course I made her a card. Well, actually I made 2 cards. Here's the cute card :-)
A few years back I saw an adorable card made by Heather Nichols - I'm sure it's on her blog somewhere - regardless she used the PTI Cupcake Collection and some of this PTI Dark Chocolate pattern paper. Her card had a doily in it and I think it also had 2 cupcakes. Anyhow it stuck in my head mostly because the cupcakes looked like little Hostess cupcakes - with that little squiggle of white frosting on top. That sealed the deal for me. I knew one day I'd make a card like that for my little sister. A few years ago my sister was visiting me right around my birthday. And she baked up some faux Hostess cupcakes for the occasion - she made the cream inside and the squiggle on top. One of the cupcakes squiggles actually said my name. She is a clever one. Not only were they cute they were yummy.

So last week I made this card for her using that cupcake stamp set. The squiggle was made using the Loop De Loop die and I used the Double Ended Banner die stamped with the Keep It Simple: Birthday stamp set. I think it came out pretty cute. Oh and there's lots of foam tape popping up those cupcake tops there so it's very fun.

I called my sister a little while ago. She loved her card :-)
Oh and I included something in the card that I found recently while going through my mom's things. I found an old wallet of my mother's. I opened it up and there was this little blast from the past. My mother had saved this newspaper clipping for 50 years. From the New York Times, a photo of my little sister. She was an absolutely beautiful baby. Seriously she was stinkin adorable.  Still is. The photographer must have thought so too because he used her photo for advertising his business.  So when I found that clipping maybe a couple of weeks ago I scanned it and then put it in the envelope for my sister.

Funny - you see the caption - Pictured Forever. He didn't know how true that would be right?
Okay - that's all for today. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes!!! Now I need some chocolate. Yours are much better for the waistline, though ;)
What nice memories to go into her card as well. Hope she has a wonderful day.

JJ Bolton said...

What a cool card! I totally want to make cupcakes like those!

And how wonderful to find that little newspaper clipping:) Your sister is adorable!

Marybeth said...

Love this and bet your sister did too! Love the picture and beautiful story behind it! I am sure your sister was thrilled.