Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fastest card I've ever made

I have a tendency to take a very long time making cards. "Long" is a relative term I suppose however in my case "long" means over an hour... sometimes even longer. I don't think I'm alone here - but I also think there are those who don't take near that amount of time. This tendency is problematic for me these days. I have zero time for crafting. I'm making anything in stolen moments (heck I'm writing this blog in a stolen moment ;-)). My scrapbooking progress would have totally stalled if I hadn't switched over to a different method (something like Project Life - using divided page protectors where I just slide in the pics). But card making - well that's a totally different animal. The other day I needed a fast - and I mean fast - anniversary card. I could've broken down and .....eek - bought a card from a store. That would just kill me given my little craft room is filled with endless stamps and card making materials. Anyway, I had a stamp set from Papertrey that I'd purchased fairly recently and knew I would use for the card. I picked out a couple of Papertrey dies and some patterned paper and cardstock and I made this card in probably 10 minutes. Really! Now it is a very simple card but you know - I like it. (I should say the card was for a 2nd wedding anniversary - hence the 2). And I'm not sure what creation I'd have come up with given more time but I'm pleased and I know the recipients will be satisfied - what more can I ask?  Okay.. stolen moment over. Gotta get back to my real life ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

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