Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I love a book

and if you love books - OLD books in particular - and you like to sketch, journal - heck even keep lists ( i love lists) you will absolutely LOVE ex libris anonymous
As it was my darling daughter's birthday yesterday (i cannot believe she is 20 years old!) I bought one of these as a sketchbook for her (she's an art student and goes thru a lot of sketchbooks!). When it arrived I have to admit I had to force myself to wrap it up - I wanted to keep it for me! LOL They take the old book and spiral bind the covers, adding blank pages - but they retain some of the original pages, illustrations etc (you can read more about it on their website) - it is so wonderful! I think I will be buying one (maybe more) for myself very soon.
Obviously I have been absent from the blog for a few months. It has been a tough couple of months and I feel most fortunate to have some very special friends and my wonderful family who lent emotional support - thanks so very much!. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I even made a couple of cards (gasp!) Hopefully I'll share something soon.


June Houck said...

I think you should treat yourself to your own copy of that book! Eliz will be home from school soon, and I suppose you two will have fun bonding over her book :)

I hope you have time to post the cards you made!

lauren bergold said...

dearest darling,

i am sorry you've been having a bad time...that seems really wrong to me that such a lovely person is struggling when "the bad guys" seem to walk around all happy-go-lucky! ...but...i am MOST PLEASED to hear you're doing better! please count me amongst your most faithful and loyal supporters! (even if i am CRAP at blurfing, which i am!) :)


ps: making CARDS?!??! show, show!!!!

Babsarella said...

What a fab gift, and I can see why you might like one for yourself. Lots of cool selections. Glad to see you back posting. Sending you big hugs.