Sunday, December 27, 2009

all is calm, all is bright

Christmas can feel like a storm (and of course we can get a storm during Christmas time - like 20 inches of snowstorm... which can play havoc with ones plans... but i digress) therefore after Christmas we can have the calm. Today is that .... lovely, peaceful... calm. It's beautiful outside and peacefully calm inside. Everyone is taking it easy after several weeks of non-stop activity and I for one am grateful. And tired. My craft room here is lookin a little like a tornado went through it. So I'm hoping to get a little order restore in here. The mess makes me feel a little crazy. And I don't know about you, when things are organized, I feel better all over :-)
I did manage to make some quickie gifts for three coworkers on Christmas Eve Eve -Wednesday night (I have literally hundreds of coworkers every day at work but these 3 are in my department and I wanted to give them just a little something - no big deal). I'd been making Christmas cookies for the past week (in any spare moment I could steal) so that seemed like an easy choice. The first pic shows all three together and the second pic is just a closeup of one. Not the best pics I know but hey - i took them! LOL The paper is Basic Grey and the gingerbread boy is from Purple Onion Designs. He's just so darned cute! The tag and top piece are cut with nestabilites. I tied some ribbon around it and said DONE! They looked cute and everyone loved it - can't ask for more right? Best part was when I went to make something on the fly I had everything I needed.
I'm still seriously catching up so I'm off. Hope to post again before the New Year!


KraftyKerilou said...

What a cute idea!! THey look yummy!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Super-cute gingerbread man and those cookies look delicious! I'm enjoying the post-crazy calm too :)

June Houck said...

You are seriously sweet! I spied hose cookies with the kisses...yum.

Fabulous packaging :)

Babsarella said...

What a lovely gift, and so beautifully wrapped. I bet the recipients were thrilled!!

Joan Y said...

Your crafts are always so creative Tracy! Long time no see! Miss me??? LOL PS: Your handwriting is so beautiful! I can tell that you're a wonderfully artistic person by it! :) Happy New Year, my friend!

lauren said...

duuuuuuuuuuuude, you had me...and 99.9% of "homemade cookies"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) but in fact the little bags with those adorable toppers are so FABULOUS i object to them being called "make do" or "last minute"! au contraire! i'd say that due to a lifetime of crafty experience you are UBER-PREPARED and HIGHLY EFFICIENT!!! ♥♥♥