Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

yes, it's been ages since i've posted. yes, i've been makin stuff but i've had zero time to blog. actually i don't have much time right now so i'm gonna make this short and sweet.

I made my valentines for some dear friends this past week. I'd been planning on making them for a month. Bought a new stamp. Stamped it probably 30 times, testing out coloring options etc. When all was said and done i just wasn't happy with the ideas I had for that particular card. I was pondering what to do. I started going thru my supplies, looking for something completely different (i believe it was a scalloped edged scissor ) and I found this package of heart shaped doilies I'd bought years ago. I'd set them aside to make Valentines one day. We used to make Valentines with doilies when i was a kid and when i saw them in the store I bought them with that intention.

Well, finding the doilies set me off in an entirely different direction for my Valentines this year. I trashed the idea of using that new stamp - it just wasn't working. And isn't that often the way things work? You have one idea in your head and sometimes... often... you end up in an entirely different place.

So I'll be putting away that new stamp. One year, I'll come across it and it will be used. I have a lot of stuff in my craft room like that. I'd bought the patterned paper you see in this valentine for my Christmas cards. (I made a bunch of Christmas cards... but they are being saved for next year ... yeah that's the way life's been for a few months... just totally crazy and out of control busy).

Details on the card: patterned paper is Basic Grey; I used a Martha punch to make the borders; the bird stamp is from Character Constructions.
It's pretty simple but you know... I like it.
Hope to talk to you all again soon!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Sue McGettigan said...

Hey, you know what, I like it too - no wait, looking at the card on my kitchen windowsill i have to say I LOVE IT! Thanks for making my day, Happy Valentine's Day! Nice to see you blogging again :)

June Houck said...

I really likled mine! I was pleasantly surprised to see this lovely Tracey card in my mail box. You are such a sweetie. Love and miss you bunches!!!

I hope your Valentine's Day was sweet :)

Babsarella said...

It is TOO TOO adorable. You know, I was looking at that exact punch and debating about getting it. I think you have pushed me over the edge cause I really like it. LOVE the adorable CC birdie too. So cute and sweet. You make the best valentines!!! Hope your Valentine's day was extra special!
p.s. Glad to see you posting again.

CandyW said...

I will add that this picture doesn't do this card justice - it is just gorgeous! I would have never thought of using this stamp on a valentine, but it is just fabulous!

redplaid3 said...

And I love it! And was thrilled to receive one.

tina said...

This card is more lovely in-hand, thank you so much! :) I figured you were pretty busy since there has been no news since Halloween! Glad to see you pop in to say hi :)

Annie said...

I LOVE MY VALENTINE!!! Absolutely love it. Thank you so much.