Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Michelle!

The Birthday Queen needed to dust off her birthday wand this month - she's been a little lax keepin up with her birthday duties of late, dontchaknow.
A big Happy Birthday to Michelle!!!

Hope it's an extra special day and the beginning of a wonderful year miss!


June Houck said...

Lovely, Miz T!

Will said...

Love to see the Birthday Queen! Good see a post from you. I'm seeing candy corn and thinking of you!!! Have you bought your bag(s) yet?

michelle cook infantino said...

Thanks so much and thanks for my wonderful card. It's been such a year. Good and bad and crazy and wonderful and wild. It's life.

The card is just gorgeous and your handwriting is always amazing.

michelle cook infantino said...

I forgot to ask. Is that a Martha punch?! It's gorgeous.