Friday, December 08, 2006

happy birthday mista P

yes i've been gone a few days... well more than that but life gets crazy. i'm doing a newish job at work and its taking some getting used to is all i'll say.

i'm tired.

i'm also having computer problems. my darned Norton AntiVirus is a piece of garbage. And since i've been having these problems i've found i'm not the only one who thinks Norton AntiVirus is garbage - its all over the internet. If you have anti-virus software i don't think you should get a trojan - i'm just sayin.

but enough on that nonsense. its too aggravating for words.

My superman - computer-wise - is arriving home from college tomorrow and he will put forth heroic efforts i'm sure to rectify my problems.

(translation: hey if you fix my computer problems - now THAT would be a great Christmas present - to which superson replied - cool!)

Today is my dear nephew's 7th birthday. I priority mailed his gifts the other day and i hope he likes them. (two shirts - he actually likes new clothes - and one of my all time favorite books Charlotte's Web. I have to admit i had a hard time mailing that book off. I wanted to re-read it right then and there. Such a wonder of a book. If you haven't read it - i guess that's possible- do yourself a big fat favor and get to the store or a library this weekend. You won't be disappointed.) It's so difficult to shop for him and his brother - who will celebrate his birthday one month from today. Difficult because it is so close to Christmas. I have to set my mind on gifts for both occasions for both children. I would never combine the gifts - i grew up with a few Christmas babies - they always said they got gyped. And there will be no gypping these two special boys!

I did manage to make my nephew a silly little birthday card - i think he will love this!

made with my quickutz happy frog die and Purple Onion Designs alphas and some string.

I've been also fooling around with some stamp carving. i've had cute little birdies on the brain for a while - i haven't been able to find any stamps i liked so i decided to make my own

these are just some quick stampings i did of them to see how they looked when inked and i may just use one on something soon.

i don't know if you've ever carved your own stamps but i have to say that carving is probably one of the most relaxing things to do ever. I highly recommend it. When i was done carving them out i was thinking how i missed that feeling - just being totally in that zone - so focused and concentrating completely on what i was making. it's a wonderful feeling.

(as opposed to the peri-menopausal crazy feelings i've been having lately... but i digress)

i also made this cute little glittered up star the other day - i must upload a picture of it. It is just a silly paper mache star i painted with glue and threw glitter all over but you know - its beautiful.

Finally before i forget, i see that i've been tagged by Barbara to list 6 weird things about myself. Well miss B - i'm a thinkin on it. I shall probably post them a little later!


Christa H. said...

those are some cool birdies!!! How darling...I have all the stuff to carve too but haven't done it yet.

Babsarella said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE STAMPS!!! Great cards too! Looking forward to your weirdness post! You are so very lucky have a computer person to fix things. I wind up trying to do it myself and get so frustrated. BTW, I am not real thrilled with NAV either. Took me over an hour to upgrade to 2007. How ridiculous is that? Still have to do Blair's pc too. yuck.